Intelligent Bluetooth Electronic Cabinet Lock
Intelligent Bluetooth Electronic Cabinet Lock Intelligent Bluetooth Electronic Cabinet Lock Intelligent Bluetooth Electronic Cabinet Lock

Intelligent Bluetooth Electronic Cabinet Lock


Features :

*Mobile phone ultrasonic unlocking technology, compatible with Android and IOS
*Mobile remote authorization key:
Long-term authorization → share by mobile phone number, set authorization time period, you can withdraw authorization at any time
Temporary authorization → share the key via the link, the key is valid for 15 minutes
*Unlock the record, you can view the unlock record anytime, anywhere, to protect security.
*Dynamic encryption technology, bank level security. Automatically change the sonic password every time you unlock, cloud platform data storage, security
*The lock body board has stable performance, powerful function, separate structure and easy installation.
*The receiver is made of high-end ABS+PC hybrid material, which is durable and durable.
*The lock tongue is made of 304 stainless steel, and the external force is not bent and does not deform.
*The lock cabinet automatically pops up, no need to install the cabinet door handle

Specification :

Material: ABS + PC + 304 Stainless Steel
Battery: 4 X AA Battery (Not Included)
Unlocking Speed: 1~2S
User Capacity: No Limit
Working Temperature: -40 ~ 85
Unlocking Method: Unlock by phone
Working Principle: Ultrasonic Unlocking
Application: Drawers, Single pen cabinet doors, Double open cabinet doors, Left and right sliding door etc.
Size: (L)X(W)X(H)14X6X2cm/5.51"X2.36"X0.78"(appr.)
Receiver Dia.:5cm/1.96"(appr.)
Color: White

Installation Notes:
1. Determine the hole position
Three holes are defined outside the drawer, two screws are fixed (4-4.5mm in diameter), one threaded hole
2. Determine the length of the long screw
Remove the 4 X 5 battery in the lock body, insert the long screw into the lock body, and determine the required length of the long screw according to the thickness of the drawer door. The long screw should extend 6-8mm outward, and then fold the excess part.
3. Lock body and receiver
Connect the lock body and receiver together through the cable and install them on the door, then screw them with long screws.
4. Power-on test
Install the 4 X 5 battery in the lock body and press the receiver button to check if the power is successful.
5. Install the lock
The lock tongue and the lock must be kept at a parallel angle. The lock is locked in the cabinet and the lock is tightened to complete the installation.

Package includeds :

1 x Cabinet Lock (With screws and cable)
1 x Receiver (Does not contain decorations)